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We're excited to have you onboard with Mind Stretcher Online! Enjoy the full Mind Stretcher experience from the comfort of your home.

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Our newly launched Mind Stretcher app (iOS, Android) is our hub for official announcements, links to your child’s virtual classroom and worksheets, and monitored student-teacher chats if your child needs additional help.

Please download it now so you get the latest info on your classes.

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📧 Update personal details

We will also send out announcements and course info via email and/or SMS while we on-board everyone onto the app.

Please make sure we have your updated email addresses and phone numbers. We can also send emails to a secondary contact (e.g. your spouse) if you'd like.

🔈 Contact us

You can reach us through the following channels:

Before your class

Class details are sent by email at least a day before class.

📋 Prepare worksheets/notes

Depending on the option selected during registration, worksheets are either mailed to your address or collected from your preferred centre. Please ensure that your child has these worksheets before the lesson begins.

You can use the same Zoom link each week. Please make sure you download Zoom on your PC/phones.

  • Please change your Zoom display name to your child's name for attendance-taking. For our students' safety, we remove participants who are not on the attendence list.
  • Kindly log on 5 minutes before your class starts (no earlier to prevent conflicts with the previous class).

📹 Tutorial: How to use Zoom

📹 Tutorial: Changing your Zoom display name

After your class

📤 Submit homework to your teacher

Please submit your homework within 48 hours of your class so teachers have time to mark and return them before next week's class.

You can send a scanned PDF to your teacher's email (ping him or her on the Mind Stretcher app if you don't have it).

We've prepared guides on how you can work on your worksheets with free software that can work on any device.

📹 Tutorial: How to scan printed worksheets for marking with CamScanner

📹 Tutorial: How to work on worksheets digitally

Of course, if you have other apps/devices (e.g. Notability on the iPad), please feel free to use those instead!

📺 Review on e-Study Buddy

Mind Stretcher's e-Study Buddy contains high-quality recordings of each lesson for your child. It's a one-stop digital platform for your learning.

You and your child can log in to view, rewind or even rewatch lessons to supplement their learning.

Students who have to miss their weekly lessons can also catch up with the class using e-Study Buddy.