COVID-19 circuit breaker: Closure of centres from 7 Apr (Tue) to 4 May

Our online lessons will continue even as our centres close from 7 Apr (Tue) to 4 May in line with the government’s latest measures.

Rest assured we are prepared to support your children’s education throughout this period. Here are important things you need to know:

  • Online lessons will continue just like we are currently doing. Similar to this week, Zoom and Dropbox links will be sent via email to you. Your child’s education continues with minimal disruptions.

  • To support parents through this period, we will make printed copies of our next month of materials available. Our printing department is working through the night. Parents can pick these up from our centres on Mon (6 Apr)..

We are crowdsourcing everyone's pickup times so parents can plan their schedules accordingly. You can let other parents know what time you are coming down and see current projected collection times at the link above.

📋 Pickup and drop-off of worksheets at our centres will not be available at this time. Worksheets will be sent and marked online (tutorials).

  • Please pay your April fees this weekend — via PayNow from home, or at our centres — so you can pick up worksheets quickly on Mon. Reach out to us if you are unsure how much you need to pay. Contact your usual centre, or reach us via or WhatsApp.

💵 Pay via PayNow from the comfort of your home! Our centres' PayNow QR codes can be found here.

E-learning is new for many of us. It’s natural to be nervous about change. But it’s worth noting that this is neither difficult nor complicated — just new.

If you have questions on how things will work, our guide is a good place to start. If our phones are busy, we’ve listed other channels through which you can get quick help. We’ll be here with you every step of the way.

* Feel free to share this with other affected parents — it has links to helpful tutorials we have created for our community which others may also find useful.