How we're changing to support you better during the circuit breaker

Dear Mind Stretcher parents,

We want to say a huge thank you for bearing with the long wait yesterday at our centres for collection of worksheets.

The fast changing COVID-19 situation calls for unprecedented responses. In doing so, we’ve learned new things along the way, and there are many areas in which we could definitely have done better.

Due to the tight timelines, we apologise for not managing to give all parents the hardcopy materials before the circuit breaker kicked in today. Despite our best efforts and our photocopier machines working practically non-stop since Sat morning (resulting in a few of them breaking down due to the sudden overload), the delays could not be prevented.

In hindsight, it was a mistake to try to print and distribute 4 weeks of materials for all our students in just over 2 days (after the ‘circuit breaker’ was announced by PM Lee). We created more long queues of exasperated parents than envisaged, and in the end, we were also not able to distribute to everybody before 7 April came. We are truly apologetic about this.

We really appreciate your patience as you journey with us and will not take this for granted.

The key concern going forward is how our students and parents can get materials if they did not manage to get their worksheets yesterday. Here’s how we will fix this:

  • Soft copies for Week 20 - 22 available online by Thursday: If you have not collected the worksheets yet, you will soon be able to download the next month’s material from your usual class Dropbox link (give us a few days, but the current week’s material is already in).

Please note that Week 19 materials are already in your class Dropbox so you can use those in this week's classes. We are uploading the next month's worth of material now.

  • For those without printers at home and who didn’t get their worksheets yesterday, we are exploring how to get materials to you: Given the movement & working restrictions now, this is not easy as we may need to obtain approvals (which also needs time to be processed by the authorities). We are trying our best, but need some time to figure and work things out, to the extent that is feasible and allowable. Please help us help you by writing to us (through this google form) if you have no printer and have not collected the materials. At a minimum, please download the materials and attend the e-lesson. We are sure you can still learn with your teacher, despite the current constraints!

Our centres are closed but we are always available for you. Do continue to call or email the respective MS centre or Whatsapp us. Due to the deluge of queries and messages we receive, we would appreciate your kind understanding if we are not able to respond to you immediately.

We want to assure you of our commitment to continue to support you in this period of constrained activity. There will inevitably be hiccups along the way, and we seek your kind understanding & patience in this regard. Thank you & stay safe! In the meantime, please do watch out for our messages on the download links and further instructions.