Extension of circuit breaker to 1 Jun 2020

Dear parents,

Thank you for working hand-in-hand with us during this difficult period. We truly appreciate your understanding and cooperation in whatever we have tried to do for our students in the past few weeks.

With the extension of the circuit breaker to 1 June 2020, Mind Stretcher will continue with the fully interactive online classes that we have been offering since 27 Mar 2020. This is important so that our students’ learning continues uninterrupted, and they are still able to keep abreast of the school curriculum.

Here’s how things will work during the 1-month extension of the circuit breaker.

25% discounted fees in May

We will continue to extend the 25% discount on course fees for both our continuing students, and our new ones as well. It’s our small show of support to our community during this challenging period.

Worksheets (soft copy)

As much as we want to provide hard copy worksheets to all our students, we are unable to do so during the extended circuit breaker period.

Our industry has not been designated as an essential service. As such, our printing plant or any external photocopying services will not be able to operate during this period.

Soft copies of the worksheets will continue to be made available to you (currently, they are downloadable from Dropbox)

If you do not have a home printer, this is what you can do:

  • Create a ‘Study Handbook’ (exercise book / file with foolscap paper)
  • Refer to the soft copies of the worksheets, and write your answers in your ‘Study Handbook’
  • Scan the pages and email them to your child’s teacher for marking.
  • Here’s a video to show you how this works: https://bit.ly/ms-eMarking

Worksheets (hard copy)

If you would like to collect the hard copy version of worksheets after our physical business operations are allowed to resume, kindly fill up this form.

We would appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter. It may take us a few weeks to print the backlog of worksheets after the circuit breaker period ends.

Mind Stretcher Online

Apart from the above updates, the information on Mind Stretcher Online remains unchanged.

Continuous improvement

As we had to transition very quickly into online operations, we sincerely apologise for areas where things have been more difficult for parents than they had to be. We thank our parents for your patience.

To those who cheered our Mind Stretcher team on knowing the immense logistical challenges we’ve had to solve within a short time, please know that your words touched our hearts and kept us going. Thank you!

We are continually improving our processes to make students’ and parents’ online experiences more seamless and conducive. Many parents have asked us to make it simpler to find the many links (to Zoom, Dropbox, e-Study Buddy) you’ve had to keep track of. We’ve listened and invested resources to consolidate all information onto just 2 platforms:

  1. MS e-Study Buddy
  2. Mind Stretcher Communications App (upgraded version): iOS or Android

As we prepare to roll the enhanced versions out, please help us by making sure you have your login details. It’ll take just 5 minutes to click on the links above and check that you can log in to e-Study Buddy and the Mind Stretcher app.

If you realise you do not have your login details, please contact us through the various channels listed below.

Keep in touch — we’re here for you!

For more details or any other inquiries, you may contact your respective centres, email us at enquiries@mindstretcher.com, or Whatsapp us at 98520870.

Stay Safe & Thank you!